Experienced – Flexible – Progressive

Silke Liebig-Braunholz is a specialist journalist in Hamburg. She publishes in leading specialist media on culinary trends and economic topics. She learned „journalism“ from the bottom up and was permanently employed as soon as freelanced for publishing houses as well as radio and TV stations. She knows the media business from a conceptual, technical and strategic perspective.

Quite a few editors appreciate the high flexibility of the journalist. She is trained in all journalistic disciplines and is valued for her analytical approach and in-depth research. Before Silke Liebig-Braunholz publishes, she checks very carefully whether the story has news value and to what extent she can surprise the recipients and offer them added value.

Within her journalistic work she has also specialised. For almost 20 years she has been researching and publishing mainly on worldwide travel destinations and culinary trends in gastronomic hot spots or with food producers. Her topics range from marketing and business management in the gastronomy, hotel, bakery and confectionery trades to international competitions within cookery training, starred gastronomy, patisserie, the beverage and wine industry as well as the food trade and food industry.

As one of the most intrepid journalists of Germany, Silke Liebig-Braunholz experimented with digital communication very early on. She wrapped up with the development streams in webinars, social media camps and at digital conferences. Today she possesses a sound social media expertise.